Raphaël Vasco

Fialho Mascarenhas de Carvalho

Hi everyone.

My name is “Raphaël Vasco”. Mum and dad had planned for me to come on the 31st of january of 2021, but that wasn’t my plan. Mum’s belly was very warm and comfy and I had lots of fun swimming in it, but I wanted to get out and explore. So on 15-01-2021 I decided I’ve had enough.

In the early morning, I started to make my move. Mom and dad drove to the hospital and a lot of people in blue clothing made sure mom and I were safely taken care of. They opened mum’s belly and at 14:00 I came out kicking and screaming. Dad took lots of pictures. Everybody was clapping and cheering. They told mom and dad they were now the proud parents of yours truly.

Well, anyway, this is my website. In due time, mum or dad will be posting lots of stuff here, so come back as aoften as you will.



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